Barleyfest Information:

* Was held in Merrill at the Smith Center (MARC) Click here for map
* Food / Games / Prizes / Pretzel Necklaces / Lanyards
* Barleyfest is ALWAYS the first Saturday in October
* We have donated over $35,000 to local charities!
* We gave away several KEGERATORS!!
* Merrill-Go-Round Bus service was Free – Sponsored by Thorogood!
* Designated drivers got in FREE!
* Designated Drivers Lounge – Sponsored by Thorogood!

Our History

The Lincoln Lager Barleyfest Committee is very proud that we have been able to donate over $35,000 to local charities. Benefactors include: Lincoln County Humane Society, Merrill Food Pantry, Normal Park Improvements, Merrill Tornado Relief Fund, Merrill Historical Society, Merrill Park Endowment Fund, Merrill River Bend Trail.

The Lincoln Lager Barleyfest was a safe and unique craft beer tasting festival organized by the Lincoln Lager Barleyfest Committee. It was a function of the Merrill Parks & Recreation Department and relies 100% on sponsorship support and ticket sales in order to run the event and contribute to these charities.

Without the generosity of our local businesses and volunteer committee, we would never have become a reality. Attendance has grown from 180 in the first year to over 600 in recent years.

Barleyfest was held at the MARC (Smith Center) 1100 Marc Drive, Merrill WI